Relaxation Massages

Relaxation Massages

As part of your wellness stay, I offer relaxation massages with essential oils and reflexology.

Relaxation massage with essential oils

It's a special moment, dedicated to your body, your well-being. Travel between dream and sleep, it brings you relaxation and tranquility. This relaxing massage allows you to find the pleasure of living in your body (not just your head).

Blood perfusion is improved, resulting in a better supply of oxygen and better elimination of toxins. Your body is relaxed, your muscles are relaxed, your joints are relaxed, your skin is hydrated and soft. 


  • Price: 70 €
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Foot massage

In everyday life, we do not take care of our feet that carry us all day. We live mostly in our head. Each reflex zone of the foot corresponds to a part of the body.


The foot massage locates tensions in the body and unblocks them. The entire body is stimulated and the elimination of toxins is improved. The foot massage brings great relaxation and dissipates fatigue. 


  • Price: € 35
  • Duration: 30 minutes


Non-medical care does not exempt you from following your current medical treatment.